Adéla Čabanová's notebook: Gasbags are no solution |

Adéla Čabanová's notebook: Gasbags are no solution

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Adéla Čabanová

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Discussions over how the capital can best prepare for the impact of climate change have been taking place in Prague. By the year 2100 average temperatures in Prague could have increased by anywhere from one to five degrees Celsius.

How many strategies, concepts and action plans can the city draw up before then, and how many various sources of funding will be tapped in the process? What about, instead of all these conferences, actually doing something to solve the problem? For example the creation of a few green facades (like this one in Madrid) on official buildings’ walls and roofs.

Lars Møller, program manager for alcohol, illicit Drugs and prison health programs at the World Health Organisation, says the Czech Republic isn’t doing enough to combat the ills of excessive alcohol consumption.

According to Møller half a million people in the country drink excessively, while politicians are dragging their feet in addressing the issue. Maybe this expert is overlooking the local definition of risky drinking.

To remind him: as our former minister of health Martin Holcát noted back in 2013 after treating diabetic President Zeman, six glasses of wine and three shots of liquor daily is hardly overdoing it!

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