Airport taxi ranks won by ‘less than a fare’ |

Airport taxi ranks won by ‘less than a fare’

Airport taxi ranks won by ‘less than a fare’
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Jan Šindelář

The thickness of a 100-crown bill. That was the border between success and failure in the tender to determine which two taxi companies would secure the lucrative ranks at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The winner in the selection process was Taxi Praha.

Run by entrepreneurs David Franc and Patrik Altman, it was willing to secure the contracts for CZK 4,000,101 per month. The runner-up and second successful bidder was FIX, one of the two current operators allowed at the airport. Its bid in the electronic auction was just one crown lower than the winner’s.

Sedop Taxi Praha offered to pay CZK 4m, but that was only good for third place. Fourth-placed Tick Tack, operated by Radim Jančura, whose Student Agency runs coach and train services and sells plane tickets, offered a monthly fee of CZK 3.5m.
By winning the deals on offer, Taxi Praha and FIX have secured ranks in front of the two main terminals of the airport for five years from the start of 2017. According to Marika Janoušková, a spokesperson for the airport, the electronic auction was configured so that all the bidders could respond to competitors’ bids. The new fees are much higher than what the airport collects from the current cab operators, she added.

In addition to FIX, the other current official operator is AAA Radiotaxi. It chose to not take part in the tender, claiming it lacked transparency. The current contracts for the ranks expire at the end of this year. The bidders agreed to meet various conditions, including the use of vehicles no older than three years and the provision of drivers with suitable foreign language skills.


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