Amazon turns heads with free delivery |

Amazon turns heads with free delivery

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Daniel Novák

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Amazon, the online bookshop that turned into the world’s largest Internet-based retailer, aims to make a big splash in the Czech Republic ahead of Christmas. Aiming to shake up the fast-growing Czech online retail market, it is offering free delivery on orders of EUR 39 (CZK 1,054) or more placed on the German Amazon website.

Free delivery on orders worth more than CZK 1,000 is also available from domestic e-shop Amazon declined comment on the free delivery available to its Czech customers. But German website already lists charges applicable to orders made from the Czech Republic. “Amazon will not enter this country through a billboard campaign and leafleting but by changing consumers’ shopping behaviour, such as via mobile apps use,” said Adam Kurzok, an online entrepreneur whose Expando helps merchants make it onto Amazon’s websites.

The home cavalry is putting on a brave face. “Despite cross-border shopping’s rapid growth it is hardly competition for domestic e-commerce in the Czech Republic. Consumers can choose from tens of thousands of e-shops based in this country that offer millions of products, quite often with free delivery. And they also frequently offer top-class service and a range of supplementary offers,” said Tomáš Braverman, director of price comparison portal

Braverman noted that Amazon could potentially change the game by including the Czech Republic on the list of countries for which second-day delivery is available and topping that offer up with locally-geared services. Amazon, however, is known for declining to comment on its plans.

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