Arca Capital investing in wind |

Arca Capital investing in wind

Ilustrační foto větrné elektrárny
Ilustrační foto větrné elektrárny
ZDROJ: Martin Pinkas/Euro

Vladan Gallistl

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The Arca Capital investment group of billionaire Pavol Krúpa is readying billions of crowns to invest in Romanian wind parks. “We have a wind power project in the pipeline for 144 megawatts, which is to be financed by a Chinese bank, “Krúpa told E15 daily, adding: “The entire investment is valued at 250 million euros, i.e. approximately 6.9 billion crowns.

The Arca group wants to buy the project and the site for connecting the wind farm from Italian energy colossus Enel. “The project is in the phase where all the necessary permission has been given,” said Krúpa.

Arca Capital is not afraid to invest in Romania, although the relevant local government to the project has limited its support for wind power in the form of green certificates. “It has changed, and now we’re doing everything on the basis of the new conditions,” Krúpa confirmed. “We’re evaluating the project at the lowest possible buying-in price of green certificates and it works out well for us, because we have a Chinese supplier who has cheaper technology.” As things stand, the project will depend on the results of negotiations with the Chinese bank. According to Krúpa, Arca is seeking bank or large corporate guarantees to meet the Chinese requirements.

This way the Chinese side would be insured against such things as the project’s market and legislative risks. Krúpa is not the first investor to be attracted by Romanian wind park potential.

The semi-state-owned Czech power holding ČEZ has 600 megawatts of wind power in the country.

Arca Capital
The investment group is active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine. Its founder, Pavol Krúpa, currently holds over 60 percent of its shares.

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