Babiš delays Czech Post subsidy |

Babiš delays Czech Post subsidy

Andrej Babiš
Andrej Babiš
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Petr Weikert

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Discussions on a postal services law have for a second time been postponed by the government. The delay is again at the instigation of ANO leader and Finance Minister Andrej Babiš. Talks must address the need for a CZK 1.7bn state injection into Czech Post. If ministers do not assist the company, there is a risk that some post offices could be closed down.

Babiš’s original position was that he did not want to write out a blank cheque for Czech Post, which would enable it to stipulate how much it should receive from the state. That matter was however solved by a meeting with Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrat). Babiš agreed that the postal company should be assisted with half a billion crowns. But the agreement proved short-lived, with ANO moving to debate a legislative amendment which had the effect of putting off the transfer of the money.

The reason for the difficulties is that ANO is unhappy at the role of Marcela Hrdá. The former boss of Czech Post is now an advisor to the company and maintains an informal influence on the leaders of the main party in the ruling coalition. It is said that Babiš has in writing addressed PM Bohuslav Sobotka about her role. Hrdá also works for the Empresa Media publishing house of media magnate Jaromír Soukup, a rival of Babiš in the media market.

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