Capital’s population edges up |

Capital’s population edges up

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Štěpán Bruner

Štěpán Bruner

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Prague’s population expanded by 5,325 citizens to nearly 1.273 million people in the first half of this year. For the country as a whole, there was an increase of 11,000 to 10.565 million. The data were issued by the Czech Statistical Office. The majority of the capital’s new inhabitants moved to the city, more often from other Czech regions rather than from abroad. The city population also rose because there were 1,272 more births than deaths.

From the beginning of this year to the end of June, 18,405 people moved to Prague, with 11,076 of those arriving from inside the Czech Republic and 7,329 coming from abroad. In contrast, 14,352 people moved away, largely to other parts of the country. Approximately 3,500 Praguers left for a foreign country. The Prague population expansion caused by new arrivals was the second largest in the Czech Republic. Statistically, Central Bohemia overtook Prague, with 6,207 new citizens arriving, meaning it continues to be the most populous region. Half of the regions saw more departures than arrivals, with the most people moving away from Moravia-Silesia.

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