Deep mining enriches the coal count |

Deep mining enriches the coal count

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Jan Stuchlík

Jan Stuchlík

Severočeské doly, a member of the ČEZ Group, is preparing to venture into deep mining for 16 million tonnes of coal. This coal, with a higher calorific value, is deposited in the side slopes of the surface mine Nástup Tušimice, but it cannot be reached with the use of traditional open pit technologies.

According to estimates published in the company’s annual report, the value of the coal might exceed CZK 7bn. Severočeské doly thus intends to follow in the footsteps of Severní energetická, the firm owned by Jan Dienstl. As E15 daily has previously reported, in the summer Severní energetická obtained permission to commence deep mining for one million tonnes of coal deposited in the side slopes of the ČSA mine in Northern Bohemia.

Severočeské doly has already launched an environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure or its planned deep mining. “The company has not applied for a mining permit yet. The EIA needs to be completed first,” said Bohuslav Machek, spokesperson for the Czech Mining Authority.

The company plans to obtain 1.15 million tonnes of coal annually from a slope behind which lies the Northern Bohemian city of Chomutov. “We would like to commence mining at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017,” said board member Vladimír Budínský. The company’s total output is to remain the same even after the deep mining commences as the better quality coal from the side slopes will be mixed with the lower-calorific-value coal from the surface mine. The opening of the deep mine will enable ČEZ to continue supplying its modernised Tušimice and Prunéřov power stations.

Northern Bohemian mining companies have been gearing up to tap into brown coal deposits that are inaccessible using traditional mining technologies. Severní energetická obtained permission to commence the deep mining at the ČSA mine because it needs that coal to supply its Chvaletice power station. Severočeské doly intends to apply for the same type of permission but there is a difference in the quantity of coal to be produced: Severočeské doly hopes to extract 16 million tonnes of below-surface coal from the fringes of the existing Nástup Tušimice open pit mine.

“We will utilise coal that had not been counted on previously. Deep mining will enable us to apply selective mining, depending on the fuel needs of power and heat stations,” said Budínský.

The deep mining is not intended to increase the total output of the Tušimice mine, which is capable of yielding up to 13.5 million tonnes of coal a year.

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