Dog hotels and crèches feature in Pet Centre facelift |

Dog hotels and crèches feature in Pet Centre facelift

Daniel Novák

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Two years after acquiring the Pet Center chain, the new owner is going for a big revamp. Plans go as far as building pet centres in regional cities that will include vet surgeries, dog hotels and dog crèches.

Pet Center, the number one pet shop on the Czech market, is co-owned by Vladimír Pelán, a former acquisition manager at Penta investment group. The company has launched an extensive capital investment project backed by CZK 100m of capital. It plans to roll it out over the next three to five years.

The first notable expenditure from the investment pot is earmarked for the refurbishment of existing shops. Pet Center operates 140 pet shops across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Redesign costs are estimated at between CZK 650,000 and CZK 2m per shop. The company’s pet shops in three of Prague’s major shopping malls – Nový Smíchov, Letňany and Flora – already sport the new design. The main objective of the restyling is to present the shops in a more modern and welcoming fashion. The concept was developed by design studio Dago.

Next on the investment list are new pet centres to be built in regional cities. With floor areas of around 1,000 square metres, they will be much larger than the existing Pet Center shops as they will also include small-animal surgeries, dog hotels and dog crèches.

“This is the direction we want to take, namely providing comprehensive care for the lifetimes of people’s pets,” said Dalimil Čech, CEO of Pet Center. The cost of each such centre is estimated at six to seven million crowns. The first is already in operation, near the company’s logistics HQ in Horní Počernice, Prague. Next on the list is a Brno pet shop that will be expanded according to the new formula.

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