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Don’t wing it

AF, letuška, Air France
AF, letuška, Air France
ZDROJ: Air France

Igor Záruba

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The summer holidays are under way and several airlines have cause to celebrate

A freshly-released world’s top airlines ranking for the diligent traveller arrives courtesy of British airline industry consultancy Skytrax. What better time to release it than the tourist high season? In all, Skytrax processed millions of customer reviews across 41 categories. Specifically: 19.2 million passengers across 104 countries evaluated over 280 carriers. Catering, comfort levels and customer service were among scored criteria. Emirates came out on top, beating 2015 winners Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Turkish Airways and Germany’s Lufthansa received the best ratings of Europe’s carriers. In low-cost, Malaysia-based Air Asia impressed most, battling its way to 23rd. Rock bottom of the World’s Top 100 Airlines – 2016 list was Indian carrier SpiceJet.

Some conclusions? For one, Arab and Asian carriers are field leaders, focusing on comfort and top-quality customer service. And they enjoy a strong reputation in Europe – at the expense of local carriers. So is the new rule-of-thumb: fly with an Arab or Asian airline and you can’t go wrong? Ticket prices have been favourably low for a long time now. Of course, the destination often automatically determines the carrier and, presently, far-off exotic destinations are proving less of a draw. While, unfortunately, for short flights across Europe, the ranking may not be such a relevant aid to finding the ideal flight.

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