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Eyes wide shut

Eyes wide shut
Paul Manafort
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Jan Vávra

American Muslims have been using a billboard campaign to mock Islamic State for the supposed hypocrisy seen in the terror group’s contempt for the sanctity of life. Perhaps another weapon to this end can be found in a thesis by ever provocative Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek.

It holds that the IS fundamentalists have never been, nor will they ever be, model believers – if they were, they would hardly be threatened by the Western values which they spend so much time condemning. After all, why battle something so decadent it is bound to rot away all by itself?

Also gaining much attention are the alleged close ties of the now former head of Donald Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, to the Vladimir Putin regime. No less disturbing, however, is how we enable such shady characters to permeate our politics.
If such “fixers” and lobbyists are allowed to gain a stranglehold on the political process, it does not bode well for liberal democracy as a whole, irrespective of the highest possible campaigning system transparency. Even so, at least democracies still enable voters to thwart such schemers’ nefarious plans at the ballot box.
On a side note, the situation on Czech roads at five or six each weekday morning, mainly on thoroughfares into Prague, is worth a mention.

The streets are still relatively quiet, but those drivers about at this time seem to believe they inhabit some lawless free-for-all, paying even less heed to things like speed limits than usual. And while the pedal’s to the floor for such eager pirates of the road, transport police are back at HQ still groggily slurping their morning coffee.

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