Food courier invests in technology leap |

Food courier invests in technology leap

generální ředitel DámeJí Jan Matějů
generální ředitel DámeJí Jan Matějů

The country’s number one online restaurant meals delivery service DámeJí is preparing to splash record volumes of cash on technological systems to boost its performance. The investment will be in the tens of millions of crowns. The company has never previously indulged in such major spending.

“From the technology standpoint, essential steps await us in 2017. It involves infrastructure for our project, which needs investment,” said Jan Matějů, CEO of DámeJídlo. The expenditure should result in faster, higher-quality services and improved capability when it comes to introducing new products. Among other things, there will be a new mobile application.

The company is presently addressing whether or not it needs to hire suppliers to manage the technological breakthrough or whether its own resources can handle it. It has already lately strengthened its personnel in terms of IT innovation and related marketing. The new boss for this business area is Lukáš Benda, who arrived from bank Česká spořitelna, where he was part of a technology and innovation team. DámeJídlo also has a new marketing director. He is Radek Finkous, a former marketing manager at telecommunications operator O2.

Despite the investment, DámeJídlo is expecting a marked softening of its losses. Last year the business lost CZK 53m. Thanks to the committed outlay, the company says it can look forward to in future becoming more financially independent from German parent enterprise Delivery Hero. In the Czech Republic, the firm does not have a rival snapping at its heels. “The tempo in the year on year growth of orders this year is, depending on which month you look at, between 50 and 80 percent. Compared to 2015, the accounted turnover is up around 40 percent,” added CEO Matějů. Last year, the firm recorded revenues of CZK 120m.

DámeJídlo was originally the project of internet entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr and the Miton and Enern group. Delivery Hero took over the enterprise in 2015.

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