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Igor Záruba's notebook: No holding his tongue

Angela Merkelová
Angela Merkelová
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Igor Záruba

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel evidently likes to give herself plenty of time to make major decisions. And then she believes it is up to her, and her alone, to decide when and where to make announcements about the verdicts.

Those who follow Merkel, largely understand and respect that. But not Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs – and also a former environment minister, thrown out of the federal government by Merkel back in 2012.

But time is a great healer and Röttgen has again got the craving. Especially judging by a recent interview given by Röttgen to CNN, in which he declared that Merkel intends to run for a fourth term as chancellor. The comments caused an immediate storm.

Röttgen deigned to speak for Merkel, something the chancellor detests and is unlikely to forget. And the consensus from German politicians is also: if anyone has a mandate to speak for Merkel, then it is most certainly not Röttgen. The CDU member may be a lot of things, but he’s hardly a close confidant of his party leader...

German Twitter users also mocked the leak under the hashtag  #röttgenpacktaus (“Röttgen unpacked it”). “Night is colder than day,” said one user sarcastically. “Bruce Wayne is Batman,” said another – the idea being that Merkel’s fourth term announcement is pretty much viewed as inevitable.

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