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Jan Vávra’s notebook: How to vex Babiš?

Jan Vávra’s notebook: How to vex Babiš?
Billboardy útočící na lídra hnutí ANO a podnikatele Andreje Babiše se objevily v Ostravě (říjen 2013).
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Jan Vávra

A few days after Parliament’s lower chamber approved the “Lex Babiš” conflict of interest legislation, Andrej Babiš was openly musing on Facebook what he should now do with his stakes in Agrofert and publisher Mafra. The highest rated response from fans was that there was no reason why the ANO leader should rid himself of the honest fruits of his labour.

Thus the observer can easily move to the conclusion that for many ANO followers Babiš’s wealth and power are not anything to be feared, but are instead to be admired – while also being a guarantee of the business mogul’s political leverage and ability to “do good”. Especially since Babiš sells himself as a political outsider who “doesn’t need to steal”. Who said the people of the world’s most atheistic country can’t show a little blind faith now and again?

“The second most influential woman of the Czech Internet”. Such was the description given by Forbes magazine (Czech edition) of Tereza Hodanová, more commonly known by her Youtube username Teri Blitzen.

Now the 16-year-old video blogger with 400,000 followers is planning a change of profession, saying that as one gets older one needs to accept oneself and not give in to outside pressures or be a slave to stereotypical ideals of beauty.It’s laudable. But does it mean she’ll stop giving her famous tips on everything from school items to fashion accessories?

Doha-based news channel Al Jazeera has noticed that among central European countries, the Czech Republic reigns supreme in gambling and alcoholism. What to expect in a country in which beer is cheaper than water?

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