Jana Havligerová's notebook: 1937 edition of Rudé Právo nails Zeman | E15.cz

Jana Havligerová's notebook: 1937 edition of Rudé Právo nails Zeman

Miloš Zeman
Miloš Zeman
ZDROJ: reuters
Jana Havligerová

Jana Havligerová

The Holy Grail phrase “Hitler is a gentleman”, erroneously attributed by President Zeman to early 20th-century journalist Ferdinand Peroutka, has turned up at last. But not in Peroutka’s Přítomnost [Presence] magazine, rather in a 1937 edition of the Communist Rudé Právo. In case anyone is still interested...

Jiří Růžička, head of a Prague grammar school and a TOP 09 candidate for the Senate, has calculated that if all those who like him cast a vote he will be elected to the upper chamber. Inadvertently, Růžička has described the biggest weakness of the election process. Traditionally an abysmal turnout is what makes the candidate’s prediction stand true. All Czech politicians are trying to make this October’s elections a family event of sorts.  The candidates and party chiefs are thus cast as ‘restaurateurs’ – falling over themselves to present us the most appetising dish. Anything but complex policy discussions.

Election billboards, however, are another matter. New depths are being plumbed, as usual. That prompts caricaturist Miroslav Kemel to ponder whether such advertising shouldn’t carry warning labels like cigarettes. A nice idea, but just try introducing it in Parliament...

Lawmakers have, however, just tightened the night-time silence laws. The 10pm to 6am loud noise ban remains in place, but it has been supplemented with rules making exceptions only possible if advance notice is given by way of local ordinance signs. Most villages lack these. And so after ten, they will likely have to stay mum. Might louder families choose to pay hefty fines, or even face being evicted?

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