Jana Havligerová's notebook: Don’t mention defeat! Call the spinmeisters | E15.cz

Jana Havligerová's notebook: Don’t mention defeat! Call the spinmeisters

Jana Havligerová

Jana Havligerová

ANO leader Andrej Babiš says that this year’s record low turnout (15.4 percent) in the second round of the Senate election serves as a reason to begin a debate on abolishing Parliament’s upper chamber. Of course that has nothing to do with the fact that only three of 14 of ANO’s Senate candidates emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, in a television debate on potential post-election regional coalitions, the strongly Catholic ANO MP Martin Komárek praised God Himself and his wife Petra. That may not be enough to guarantee the journalist-politician a major political future. But it could be enough for a house-husband post.

The Social Democrats are now engaged in soul-searching efforts after a less-than-stellar electoral performance. Outgoing South Bohemian governor Michal Hašek will go back to being a local councillor; Senator Zdeněk Škromach is bidding adieu to politics; and philosopher Václav Bělohradský, failed Social Democrat and Green candidate for the Senate,  is also leaving politics. Now comes the “what went wrong” part...

And Civic Democrat chief Petr Fiala has proclaimed that his is now the hegemonic party of the  right-of-centre. That after the “crushing victory” of winning three out of 27 Senate seats, while losing five. Nothing like optimism even in the face of reality.

President Miloš Zeman managed to arrive late for the state funeral held for former Slovak President Michal Kováč, who died on October 5. At first, the Castle stated that Zeman’s flight had been delayed by bad weather. That later changed to air traffic control “playing a negative role”. The first version at least sounds better. Heads of state are so often at the mercy of our (entirely predictable) annual seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter...

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