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Justice purge advances

státní zástupkyně Bradáčová
státní zástupkyně Bradáčová
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Pavel Otto

Pavel Otto

Following the January exit of Jana Hercegová from the top of the Prague Municipal State Attorney’s Office, her former close colleague Dagmar Máchová seems poised to quit. The high state attorney for the capital, Lenka Bradáčová, would welcome her resignation, which she needs to end a personnel cleanup among subordinate prosecutors. Two deputies of Hercegová have also departed.

The Police Unit for the Detection of Organised Crime [ÚOOZ] is sifting through documents which it last week removed from Máchová’s office. The objective is to turn the screw on Máchová to provoke her resignation, agreed sources who talked to E15 daily. If Bradáčová was to decide to present a proposal to fire her, it could lead to a clash at the Supreme Administrative Court.

Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman is, according to available information, supporting Bradáčová’s attempt at getting rid of her unwanted prosecutor. However, in the media he has only talked in general terms. “In every system you discover people that perpetrate iniquities. It is important that the system manages to grapple with that,” he said.

Anti-mafia unit ÚOOZ is not focusing on Máchová for the first time. At the end of 2012, it monitored her meetings with then judge Ondřej Havlín, who was this year convicted of corruption and peddling influence. Also, the ÚOOZ apparently placed listening devices in the flat of Máchová’s boyfriend.

The prosecutor faced criticism for her supervision of the public transport Opencard case. A parliamentary commission of investigation filed a criminal complaint about Máchová after examining her errors. She is known for having overseen cases involving controversial businessman Ivo Rittig.

Máchová has not been responding to enquires from journalists. She is said to have taken some leave.

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