Marek Schwarzmann's notebook: Itch to snitch |

Marek Schwarzmann's notebook: Itch to snitch

Marek Schwarzmann's notebook: Itch to snitch
Sledování internetové televize, ilustrační foto
ZDROJ: Michael Tomeš, E15

The age of the internet has had a major impact on Czechs. But asides from all the indisputable pluses in “improving” or “making easier” many aspects of our lives, one can’t help but observe some major backwards steps, too. Alas, they are very unfortunately and painfully rooted in historical baits that turned so many Czechs into informers.

The latest such example is evident in a section of the official Tax Administration website entitled “Reporting non-issuance of receipts” – but that is just the tip of the iceberg; just another notch upwards on the temperature scale of the proverbially boiling, yet sedate, frog in the pot.

We’ve already learned to rate the quality of doctors’ services online (meaning griping about how they failed to cure us during our last visit); and we’ve learned to report companies who utilise pirated software (with rewards available for the grassing up). So the reporting of the non-issuance of receipts is child’s play.

 But each coin has two sides. Like it or not, this author must confess to a certain unavoidable affinity for one web innovation that encourages ratting. Have you heard about the “Clean Chimney” [Čistý komín] app? You can use it to film your neighbours burning everything and anything (including their trash) except for the correct designated heating fuels. Cough, cough...


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