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Metropolitan Plan team walk out

Metropolitan Plan team walk out
Praha Troja
ZDROJ: Praha Troja
David Vagaday

David Vagaday

Architects and experts who were preparing the capital’s Metropolitan Plan at The Prague Institute of Planning and Development [IPR] have quit in reaction to the dismissal of IPR director Petr Hlaváček, team members have revealed.

Nobody now remains to work on the Metropolitan Plan. Prague Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská (Green Party/Three-Coalition) said delays in preparing the plan were behind the firing of Hlaváček. The team that was working on the strategic document was 15-strong, but 13 have left. Only an assistant and one other team member remain.  

According to Marie Smetana, who was working on parks and landscapes for the plan, the experts had long been in collision with attempts by the City Hall leadership to deliberately influence the preparation of the work. “It amounted to the disruption of conditions for work requiring expertise and independence,” she said.

It is not yet clear who will now process the Metropolitan Plan. Also in doubt is how the IPR will proceed with its activities. The institute’s future will depend on a deal with Kolínská and City Hall chiefs.

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