New face for Prague’s Holešovice |

New face for Prague’s Holešovice

A new feature. The ArtGen centre in Prague’s Holešovice is almost complete
A new feature. The ArtGen centre in Prague’s Holešovice is almost complete
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Daniel Novák

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Thanks to significant developer investments, Prague’s Holešovice district is undergoing a major transformation, akin to the transformations witnessed over the last decade in Karlín and Smíchov. The location is attracting developers, who are building or planning to build both office and apartment complexes.

“The boom in services and residential contraction in this quarter is also bringing a concurrent growth in office space construction,” says Eduard Forejt, head of the office leasing division of consultants JLL.

“Holešovice’s golden era is still in the future. But with the planned development of [nearby] Bubny, and increased developer activity in Holešovice, one can expect that Holešovice really could become the new Karlín,” adds Radka Novak, head of the office space division of consultants Cushman & Wakefield. According to Novak, the district is attractive due to a combination of high quality and affordable prices. As an example, she noted a project in Argentinská street, not far from Vltavská metro station, where PPF Group has almost completed the ArtGen centre. This site will offer 23,000 square metres of office spaces spanning two separate buildings.

Meanwhile, CMC Architects have created a leafy square featuring an open air-gallery.

According to JLL’s head of office leasing, developers have realised that office space creation alone is insufficient. “The surrounding environment of the offices is of equal interest to tenants, as, for example, is the reception area of a given complex. Consequently, Holešovice’s new administrative complexes are reflecting a need to also create new meeting places – something still very much lacking in today’s Holešovice,” noted Forejt. As of next year, Skanska Property also intends to throw its hat into this construction ring. “The project, known as ‘The Corner’, has already secured planning permission and is ready to be realised,” said Skanska Property project manager Jan Šulc.

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