Pavel Otto's notebook: Only an idiot... |

Pavel Otto's notebook: Only an idiot...

Robert Šlachta
Robert Šlachta
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Pavel Otto

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Just like his predecessor, Civic Democrat interior minister Ivan Langer, former Social Democrat interior minister Martin Pecina confirms that Robert Šlachta, ex-chief of the Organised Crime Unit [ÚOOZ], once recommended that his unit be merged with the police’s anti-corruption team.

So what turned this very issue into the hyperbolic furore we saw over the summer when current interior minister Milan Chovanec finally carried out the reorganisation? Šlachta has remained silent. All that remains, it seems, is to satisfy oneself with Miloš Zeman’s much repeated adage that only an idiot never changes their mind. But the problem is that a diametric change of opinion on such a specific issue demands a detailed explanation, lest he makes idiots of us all. Unless, of course, the real motivation was purely and simple opportunistic.

Meanwhile, our political scene is consumed by an altogether different affair – namely Christian Democrat culture minister Daniel Herman’s Dalai Lama meeting. Critics say he breached a gentleman’s agreement struck by ministers that barred official meetings with the Tibetan leader. ANO chief Andrej Babiš, who never fails to spot a crowd-pleasing bandwagon, is now siding with the Christian Democrats. 

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