Planning your summer holidays online? Completely normal for us Czechs |

Planning your summer holidays online? Completely normal for us Czechs

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We also want to be online during our holidays, but we don’t want to spend much

The internet has become a completely standard part of how Czechs plan their summer holidays. This is demonstrated in the most recent research carried out by PayPal together with GfK. The research took place in Poland, Hungary, Greece, Finland and the Czech Republic during June 2016. According to the survey, 42% of Czechs consider the internet to be very useful for planning their summer holidays and they want to have internet access at their travel destinations. Thus, more than one-third of Czechs decide on accommodation based on whether the venue has Wi-Fi access.

83% of Czechs admit to going online during their holidays. So why do Czech travelers need internet access? They mainly go online to access maps and to communicate via social media. Czechs also often look up online, in contrast to other travelers, information on restaurants and tourist attractions. When Czechs do decide to travel somewhere, they belong (in comparison to other countries in the region) to the most demanding travelers as concerns equipment/services for their accommodations. For example, they expect rooms to have TVs, irons for clothing, washing machines or washing services, etc. As concerns travel budgets, most of us Czechs try not to spend too much. Hungarians are the most cautious and most of them (51%) plan to spend an amount less than 250 EUR.

Czechs are not such penny-pinchers; however, they don’t just throw money away: 39% of Czechs plans to spend between 250-500 EUR on holidays and 27% will spend more than 500 EUR, but less than 1000 EUR. Only 7% of Czech respondents say they plan to exceed the latter amount and spend more than 1000 EUR on their summer holidays. When Czech travelers do decide to spend money, the majority pay travel costs with cash. The latter remains the most popular means of payment: two-thirds of Czechs prefer cash over other payment means. Meanwhile, a significant group uses payment cards and cashless transfers; however, online payment systems like PayPal are becoming increasingly popular.

The number of people who choose to pay for the majority of their holiday-related expenses using an online payment service like PayPal is growing: 10% of Czechs pay via such services, which is year-on-year growth of 3%.

There are a number of possible reasons behind this trend. Matt Komorowski, PayPal’s Director for Central and Eastern Europe, mentions two of them. „We sometimes change our travel plans even during our trips – thanks to internet connections, reserving accommodation and paying for services during travel happens immediately. With a service like PayPal One Touch, we can do this with one click. What’s even better is that all travel costs paid for using PayPal are covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection program; this even includes plane tickets. If something goes wrong during your long-waited holidays, you can rely on us.“

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