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Sponsors sought for Chinese nuclear reactor

jaderný reaktor
jaderný reaktor

Jan Stuchlík

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China is looking to companies within the ČEZ group to help it realise is ambition of exporting nuclear reactors to Europe. Chinese negotiators have already twice been in talks with representatives of applied research and engineering concern ÚJV Řež, power generation engineering company Škoda Praha and energy producer and supplier ČEZ to ascertain how the Czech entities might be helpful in securing a key EUR [European Utility Requirements for Light Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plants] appraisal.

The EUR assessment is being sought for China’s third generation one-thousand-megawatt Hualong One reactor. Without it, the Chinese could not continue marketing the reactor in Europe as it would not comply with EU norms.

“We should be able to analyse their documents, assess their compliance with the European requirements and process recommendations on how to change their project so it can get through the European permitting process,” said ÚJV Řež CEO Karel Křížek. Employees of his company directly participated in formulating the EUR requirements. Škoda Praha declined to comment on negotiations with the Chinese representatives.

Nuclear industry experts said China’s expressed interest in cooperation indicated an appreciation of the high level of Czech knowhow in the nuclear energy sphere.

When filing the application for a EUR assessment, the producer of the nuclear reactor must have at least two EUR association members, so calledsponsors. “Sponsoring is a demonstration of active membership in EUR. We have already sponsored the application for an assessment of Mitsubishi project for the US-Advanced Pressurised Water Reactor 1700,” said ČEZ’s Director for Nuclear Power Plant Construction, Petr Závodský.

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