Stop f***ing about? |

Stop f***ing about?

Stop f***ing about?
Ústup z pozic. PSH se na Epilogu odvracejí od vlastních kořenů a svou tvorbu více přibližují mainstreamu
ZDROJ: isifa

Jan Vávra

Music publisher Bigg Boss has released a rap video serving as a declaration of its opposition to so-called symbols of hysteria in the Czech public sphere. The musicians behind the song, Czech rap group Peneři strýčka Homeboye, or PSH (pictured), call for greater detachment, love, ideological variety and freedom. The clip is called “Fuck Off”.

The list of those blamed in the song for today’s state of affairs is long – asides from Zeman, there’s Anti-Islam Bloc leader Martin Konvička, neo-Nazi musician Tomáš Ortel and the similarly far-right minded heavy metal musician Aleš Brichta. The video also points the finger at those fond of such figures, lampooning a materialistic and panic-ridden public obsessed with cooking, discount shopping, and, more and more, seeking “radical solutions” to today’s problems.
Further “fucks” are aimed at those who’ve failed to fulfil their dreams, haven’t tried hard enough or have “wasted” their lives. In the uncompromising rap music world, even such harsh words amount to weak tea. In terms of Bigg Boss’ stated efforts to cultivate a better public space, one has to question if such finger-wagging at the supposedly less-than-adequate is the right answer. After all, surely they too have a right to say “Fuck off!” to their accusers. Maybe instead of music videos, we need more people bothering with the ballot box.

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