Tablets and laptops are must-have technology |

Tablets and laptops are must-have technology

Tablets and laptops are must-have technology
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Igor Záruba

ABC Data on back-to-school shopping trends: tablets catching up to laptops as must-have learning technology and Slovaks seems to shop earlier than Czechs.

ABC Data s.r.o., the local branch of ABC Data S.A., announced today that tablets, laptops and smart phone devices rank among the most popular products ordered by resellers as they supply retail outlets, among others, for the back-to-school season this year. “Investment in electronics and computer technologies is becoming a must for parents preparing their children for the start of the school year. Just as books, pens and paper notebooks were requisite for many of us some 20-30 years ago, mobile technologies are now becoming standard in schools” - Ondřej Radovnický, Sales Director at ABC Data Czech Republic explains.

ABC Data statistics also reports interesting finds in Czech and Slovak consumer shopping habits as the school year arrives. For example, during July/August 2015, sales for products such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. were flat on the Czech market. However, during September of last year, sales for these products jumped 45.4% on average. More specifically, sales for laptops (45%), smartphones (48%) and external disks (89%) all shot up in September.

Increasingly, tablet PCs are important purchases for families; however, this is not only for the back-to-school season, but also for summer holidays. Last year’s comparative statistics show that tablet sales jumped 47% in June, while falling to just below 20% in August. Nonetheless, tablet sales rose again to 40% in September.

Other fast-growing product segments this year include goods related to computer periphery. For example, portable memory (USB sticks, external hard disks), headphones and protective cases for electronics are also highly sought-after.

„We expect the sales dynamic to continue to increase as the current school year begins. The post back-to-school shopping season represents a period when many families make investments into consumer electronics and communications devices. Additionally, there is traditionally a bump in software sales as students focus on refreshes for standard operating systems and consumer or home office administrative software,“ adds Ondřej Radovnický.

On the Slovak market, back-to-school shopping appears to start slightly earlier. Comparative figures for summer 2015, show that demand for smartphones jumped 38.4% from July to August. Overall, demand for smartphones, laptops, tablets, USB memory sticks and external disks grew by 36,4% on the Czech and Slovak markets between August and September last year.

“September is the natural period, when resellers and end users buy more products than in the summer months; however, this growing trend now starts to appear at the end of August. The good news is that today smartphones or laptops are as common products as pens in the past,” Milan
Krajči, Sales Director at ABC Data Slovakia adds.

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